What About The Children?

What About The Children?

This year SweetinBleeke decided to be in the true spirit of the holiday season and on behalf of our
employees and clients we made a donation to a local children's home. The home that we chose was
New Song Mission located in Brown County, Indiana. Below is the Vision and Mission of this organization.

Vision and Mission

New Song Mission offers loving homes and a private education for young children whose prospects are severely threatened by dysfunctional family situations. The New Song approach represents a proven alternative and fantastic news for children who deserve a second chance at childhood.

The Vision for New Song Mission

With the help and support of hundreds of individuals and dozens of churches, businesses and foundations, New Song will provide a small neighborhood of foster homes and a school for hurting, poor children. Boys and girls in 2nd through 6th grade can come to live in one of the 3-9 homes and will be offered care and guidance until they successfully transition from high school to college, trade school, or employment.

Some of the kids that we will serve will already be at risk of being removed from their homes by the courts because of mistreatment. We’ll provide the parents of these children and local Division of Family and Children administrators with a nurturing alternative. Other parents who are not involved in the court system but who recognize that they are unable to adequately care for their children will come to us after being referred by teachers, counselors, pastors, community service agencies or friends. We’ll provide these struggling parents, many of whom will be disadvantaged, single parent moms, with help for their children, while encouraging an ongoing parent-child relationship.

Surrounded by more than 100 gorgeous acres in Brown County, the children will have an exciting, scenic atmosphere in which to live and explore. Steep hills and deep valleys, a trickling stream and a glassy lake, thick woods and rolling green meadows—the landscape is breathtaking; a terrific place to call “home.”

Every aspect of New Song, from the very platting of the neighborhood to the development of the children’s programs and activities, is being designed to instill a sense of community and belonging for the children. The fun, spirited kids of New Song will have special needs which will be best met through a nurturing neighborhood of house parents and mentors who will love, embrace, and inspire. And at New Song, children will experience the truth that nothing can ever separate them from the love of Christ Jesus.

What Should New Song Mission look like?

In our research and travels in different regions of the country, we’ve found amazing examples of caring people who’ve united to create safe, nurturing neighborhoods for hurting children.

From our journeys to Cookson Hills Ministry in Oklahoma to Wears Valley Ranch in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee to Virginia’s Mountain Mission School, we’ve learned a great deal about how to successfully design, implement, and sustain a wonderful home environment for kids. These organizations are distinctively different than any that currently exist in the state of Indiana. Completely privately funded, they are able to care for children for years, rather than months.

These are places where little boys play in streams and catch slimy, green frogs; places where young girls straight from the streets leap on the backs of painted horses and are carried on the rides of their lives; places where kids thrive academically and are excited about their success; places where children’s creative juices flow as they explore music, pottery, painting and wood-working; and places where children are welcomed in by loving families who offer them permanent protection.

Feel free to visit their web-site for more information.


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