Milton Thompson Weighs in on Local Controversy

Milton Thompson Weighs in on Local Controversy

The Indianapolis Business Journal asked Milton Thompson to weigh in on the controversy surrounding the transformation of Post Road Community Park into the Indianapolis World Sports Park. Some say the 48 acre park is already paying off and will continue to do so in the future. The USA Cricket Association has agreed to host the men's national championship at the park in 2014. However, critics say the six million dollars being spent on the park could be used for neighborhood infrastructure improvements.

Milton Thompson understands the concerns about the World Sports Park return on investment. He says, "There are still important questions to answer about who will program and operate this facility and how much that will cost city taxpayers. I understand why it's being criticized, and I understand why it's being built. I see the value in building amenities that are attractive to a broad range of people. But I am skeptical about the sustainability of these facilities."

Some of those concerns will be resolved in the near future once the operation model is finished. The city will seek a facility manager and maintenance estimates will be finalized. Milton says, "This isn't the first time we've built or modified venues for non-traditional sports, and it does play into our overall brand as a sports capital."

The Rebuild Indy fund is being used to finance the sports park. This fund is used to fix sidewalks, roads and bridges throughout the city.

More information can be found in the August 26-September 1 issue of the Indianapolis Business Journal.

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