Milt Thompson: Channel 13 Interview

Milt Thompson: Channel 13 Interview

Milt Thompson, of counsel for BleekeDillonCrandall, was interviewed by channel 13 about his thoughts on the NFL lockout. See the article below.
Indianapolis - Colts fans are watching closely as the NFL and Players' Union try to avoid a player lockout.
Team executives are expected to get an important update on negotiations Thursday, just as the NFL's newest hopeful players are in town, trying to make it to the league.
Downtown hotels like the Marriott welcomed NFL teams Wednesday, as the Crowne Plaza checked in athletes for interviews and evaluations. It's a normal start to the annual NFL Combine.
But as mediation over the labor agreement continues in Washington D.C., agents and players have a lot of unanswered questions.
"What is the likelihood of a lockout? What kind of contingencies do we make if there are?" said sports attorney Milt Thompson.
Thompson says a labor debriefing for agents at the combine, postponed until Friday, is a sign of progress. But even by the end of the week, the union may still not have any updates.
The annual NFL meeting for general managers and head coaches takes place Thursday in Indy, but the NFL also doesn't plan on giving out information until a deal is reached. Any discussion of league business and operations will be discussed in private, behind closed doors at Lucas Oil Stadium.
"I'm still not optimistic that they're going to get a deal done by the March 4th deadline, but I do believe there may be some opportunity for them to get an extension of the current agreement for 30, 60, 90 days in order for them to really focus in on the issues and get a deal," Thompson said.
Despite the uncertainty, the athletes are staying focused, taking it one step at a time. Preparing for the combine as usual, the draft will take place as usual and then, hopefully by contract signing time, an agreement will be reached.
"The union representatives have explained to them and their agents that they need to set up their finances and be in a circumstance where they can ride out the tide," Thompson said.
In other words, get stipends to keep training during a lockout, which is not ideal for rookie hopefuls at the combine.
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