Doris Sweetin and our firm has taken an interest in this worthwhile organization. The founder, Stephan Bekale, is a friend to our firm, a great asset to Indianapolis and a positive influence in many African communities. Please take a moment to learn more about what this organization is accomplishing.

HoopsForAfrica is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation based in the Washington, D.C. region that is committed to educating the youth of Africa about HIV/AIDS prevention and the importance of good nutrition. We leverage the popularity of professional basketball players and other celebrities to gain the attention of young Africans and deliver HoopsForAfrica’s "Play safe, stay alive" message.

Our mission is to provide education and training for African youth with a focus on HIV/AIDS education, awareness and prevention and develop leadership and civic volunteerism skills on a continent wracked by the AIDS pandemic.

Using our strong relationships with professional athletes and our partnership with USAID and international organizations, we plan to reach at least 2 million people in Africa with a persuasive message about HIV/AIDS prevention and the importance of good nutrition. Through locals foundations established relationships with a broad spectrum of trusted partners in African countries, we will implement and operate entertaining and enlightening programs and services designed to provide significant value and measurable results.

HoopsForAfrica envisions an empowered and educated new generation of Africans who will transform and be positive forces for change in Africa and the world. They will interrupt the devastating impact of HIV/AIDS on a continent that is at risk of losing an entire generation if steps are not taken to intercede.

HoopsForAfrica is a member of a global team working to control the spread of and eradicate HIV/AIDS. We value health, education and information. We value integrity and trust. We are dedicated to helping young people make wise and healthy choices through better standards for health care and training. Most of all, we value our ability to make a positive difference in the futures of millions of young Africans.

Information from HoopsforAfrica.org

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