1st Annual BleekeDillonCrandall Appetizer Bowl

1st Annual BleekeDillonCrandall Appetizer Bowl

BleekeDillonCrandall just held our 1st annual Appetizer Bowl. We had 8 entries into the contest and all were very tasty. The entries consisted of:

-Sausage stuffing balls
-Spicy Bean Dip
-Chicken Enchilada Dip
-Cheese Ball
-Red Pepper Aioli

Our 13 tasters casted their ballots and once all the numbers were tallied we had our top 3 Appetizers.

In 1st place was Barb Meyers with the Red Pepper Aioli.
If you would like to try the Red Pepper Aioli see the recipe below.

In 2nd place was J. Richard Moore with the Spicy Bean Dip.

In 3rd place was Paula Peters with the Chicken Enchilada Dip.

Stay tuned for our next competition….CHOCOLATE WARS!

Red Pepper Aioli
1 red bell pepper (capsicum)
4 cloves garlic
1 cup (8fl oz/250ml) mayonnaise
White pepper
Pinch of cayenne pepper

Roast and peel the bell pepper. Remove the seeds and ribs and chop the pepper. Start the motor of a blender or a food processor fitted with the metal blade. Add the garlic and process until puréed. Add the roasted pepper and process until well blended. Add the mayonnaise and process just until mixed. Add salt and white pepper to taste and the cayenne pepper. Taste and adjust the seasoning.

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