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Above all else, my family is the absolute most important thing in my life. I am one of three children, all adopted at birth from separate birth parents. My parents, Maryan and Joe, brought Adam (big brother), Cory (little sister), and me together, and we are the wackiest bunch you will ever meet. In all honesty, all three of us are so grateful to have grown up in such a loving and supportive family. My own personal family background has been the impetus for my wanting to pursue a career in Family Law to help other families in all aspects of their lives.

Although my sister is the youngest of the bunch, she is easily the most mature and "with it" sibling, both Adam and I would be the first to admit that. Cory has blessed Adam and me and my parents with a great brother/son-in-law, Mike, a beautiful nephew/grandson, Desmond, and a beautiful niece/granddaughter, Winn. Cory is also responsible for one of our family's furry friends, Charlee (his friends call him "Chuck"), a Chihuahua, who is easily my best friend, human or otherwise. I am a HUGE dog person, and my brother, Adam, recently rescued a Pitbull/Black Lab mix, Malvo, who loves giving hugs and is the sweetest dog I have ever met. Chuck and Malvo both have breed confusion: Chuck thinks he's the biggest, baddest dog on the block, and Malvo is under the impression that he is a tiny lap dog. Needless to say, family get-togethers are always a good time!

My "new" family, Lauren, has been my best friend since our junior year at Indiana University. We got engaged in January, 2015, and we are getting married in May, 2016. Lauren is a Chicago native, and moved to Indianapolis in 2013 and we have made the Circle City our home since that time. We currently live downtown and love going to concerts, art fairs, and new restaurants and bars, and we love spending time with family and friends. As a lifelong Colts fan, it partially pains me to say that Lauren has converted me to a secondary Bears fan. Love will do some strange things to a man and his NFL loyalties (the Colts are still my #1 team, I promise!). Watching each week of Bears games is torturous, and I don't know how she's done it for two decades. Lauren's parents, Dave and Barb, her younger sister, Andrea, and her Sheltie, Jack, reside in Chicago, and they are the best in-laws a guy could hope for!

Bryan Family

Caption: My sister, Cory (with her son, Desmond, on the way!), my brother, Adam, me, and my mom, Maryan, at my graduation from the IU McKinney School of Law.

Bryan Mom

Caption: My mom and I at my sister, Cory's wedding.

Bryan and fiancee

Caption: Me and my fiancée, Lauren, in West Palm Beach, FL.

Bryan and Lauren

Caption: Lauren and I at a Colts/Bears pre-season game at Lucas Oil Stadium (thanks for the tickets, Jim!).

Bryan Parents

Caption: My parents, Maryan and Joe.

Lauren’s parents

Caption: Lauren's parents, Barb and Dave.

Lauren and her mother

Caption: My fiancée, Lauren, and her mother, Barb, at a vineyard in Italy.


Caption: My buddy, Chuck, keeping a watchful eye on the neighborhood, and sitting on my dad, Joe's head.

Adam and Malvo

Caption: My brother, Adam, and his dog, Malvo.

Lauren's family's Sheltie, Jack

Caption: Lauren's family's Sheltie, Jack, waiting to play ball in the backyard.


I was born and raised in the Indianapolis area, and attended Cathedral High School, a private college preparatory school on the northeast side of the city. I graduated from Cathedral in 2006, and I still remain in close contact with many of my friends from my graduating class. While at Cathedral, I played football and rugby, served on the newspaper staff, and engaged in many other extracurricular and civic activities.

While at Indiana University, I was a member of Delta Tau Delta fraternity. My four years as a member and my one year as President of the house allowed me to develop lifelong friendships and some pretty funny memories. I am still in close contact with many of my pledge brothers, and I currently serve on the board of the fraternity's House Corporation, responsible for oversight and management of the chapter.

Bryan and Friend

Caption: Me and my friend and fellow Cathedral grad, Mike, taking in a college football Saturday at The Swamp, home to one of my favorite teams, the Florida Gators.

Bryan and Friends

Caption: Our friend, Kelsey, my best friend and fellow Delt, Jeff, my fiancée, Lauren, and me during Little 500 our senior year (2010) at Indiana University.

When I'm Not at Work

When I am not putting in the hours at the office, you can almost always find me on an outdoor restaurant patio downtown Indy (weather permitting, of course) with my beautiful fiancée, on a local golf course with my brother and dad or my friends, or in front of my TV watching my Colts, Hoosiers, Fighting Irish, Gators, Pacers, Cubs, Blackhawks and/or Blues (Chelsea FC; yes, I am a soccer fan!), depending on the season. Lauren just loves the 24/7 nature of my sports fanaticism.

I have also recently begun volunteering in the Indianapolis community through Lauren's work (CH Robinson) and the Indianapolis Bar Association. Lauren spearheads many of the philanthropic efforts in her office, chiefly among our favorites being Food Rescue (delivering Little Caesar's pizza to the Wheeler Mission). I love spending Saturdays throughout the year driving around town with Lauren for a good cause. The IndyBar also has many fantastic volunteer opportunities that Lauren and I enjoy participating in throughout the year.

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